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Carnatic Classical Vocal Music Lessons Online

The arrival of the Carnatic Trinity was an epoch-making event for the art form. Syama Sastry (1762-1827), Tyagaraja (1767-1847) and Mutt Swami Dikshitar (1775/6-1835) were all born in the town of Tiruvarur. All three of them took to music and evolved into composers of outstanding excellence. In keeping with Indian tradition, they are collectively thought of as divine in the incarnations. Purandara Dasa (1480-1564) is said to be the father of Carnatic system of Indian classical music. He formulated several graded steps and thus codified the teaching of Carnatic music. These teaching methods have survived over the centuries and are in use even today. Purandara Dasa is credited with composing several thousand songs, mostly in Kannada.

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Venkat Mukhi Swami (17th century) is the grand theorist of Carnatic Vocal Music. He was the one who developed the melakarta system. This is the system for classifying south Indian ragas. The Carnatic classification establishes seventy-two root ragas formed by variations of the order of the seven notes of the gamut, ascending and desending. Raagas have been derived chiefly from tribal songs, poetic works, devotional songs and scientific compositions.

Carnatic music (Karnataka Music) is a system of music associated with the southern part of India and the style is followed largly in four Southern Indian States Andhra Pradesh ,Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Carnatic music, from South India, tends to be more rhythmically intensive and structured than Hindustani music. Examples of this are the logical classification of raagas into melakarthas, and the use of fixed compositions similar to Western classical music. Carnatic Raga elaborations are generally much faster in tempo and shorter than their equivalents in Hindustani Vocal Music. In addition, accompanists have a much larger role in Carnatic concerts than in Hindustani concerts.

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Pakhawaj Instrumental Music Lessons Online

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